Friday, November 17, 2006

(Attempted)Tree of life based on protein structure


I would like to post this paper for several different reasons:

- Interesting for genomics people and as well to people interested in protein structure

- Uses simple methods to assess very complicated and controversial questions

- Uncovers curious facts like: a set of 50 protein folds are common to the three superkindgoms of life

Here goes the link:

I hoppe you enjoy it...


P.S. If you have the chance to read the paper, it is likely that you will not agree with my opinion (that it is a good paper to read). If you don't, say why and I'll be happy to reconsider it...
In the other hand, if you liked it you can always say what you liked the most...

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Amazing Math

A collaboration between a mathematician and an artist-geometer has resulted in some of the most mathematically sophisticated and aesthetically gripping animations ever seen in the field. Their visualizations of cutting-edge research in dynamical systems theory not only provide a dramatic new way of visiting mathematical worlds once seen only in the mind's eye, but also point to a new era for the use of computer graphics in communicating and carrying out mathematical research. Personally, I found that these animations about research in dynamical systems theory are absolutely astonishing.

The two collaborators are Etienne Ghys, a mathematician at the Ecole Normale Superieure in Lyon, France, and Jos Leys, a Belgian graphic artist and engineer with strong mathematical interests.

Here is a link to the paper ('Lorenz and modular flows: a visual introduction'), which contains links to absolutely stunning animations in QuickTime format. Don't miss it!